Stop Smoking, Quit Smoking, Help Your Smoker Quit

     If you are addicted to smoking you have what might be called a “charge,” like an electrical energy charge, infusing and surrounding your smoking identity. As with any electrical charge, the” smoking identity charge” maintains its presence through a continual balance of both positive and negative qualities, i.e., “I want a smoke, I […]


One Minute Quite Smoking

by Bear Gebhardt

       A recent essay in The New York Times told about a fellow’s journey to freedom from a two-pack a day smoking habit. His friend had told him about a stop smoking program where he learned to “count to 60” whenever he wanted to have a smoke.      “That’s how long it takes […]


      When we want to quit smoking, at root we’re hoping for a little more “well-being.” This is natural. This same hope for well-being rises up in all other areas of our lives.    Some of us want to be movie stars, some of us would just like a job at the post office. […]


  Yay, it’s here!   After threatening to write this book for many decades, How to Stop Smoking in 15 Easy Years— A Slacker’s Guide to Final Quitting arrived on my doorstep this week. Twenty copies!   I’m tickled with this book. In all humility, I know it’s different, and easier and fresher and funner than any other […]

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